I have 2 amazingly, above-average delightful daughters. They are completely alike and totally different at the same time. The older sparkles and the younger sparks. The cliche of night and day doesn’t work, 1) because it’s tired and 2) because they seem more like the sunrise and sunset. One paints in morning pastels, drenched in ocean aquas — while the other colors a purple-pink night with wintry arctic lights.

Watching them grow, change, ask questions and learn has been beyond any magic I’ve ever experienced. Conversations are often revelations for me as they seek to find their place in the 21st century and to understand mommy’s work with past.

There are lots of questions about why something was good “way back when,” and it’s bad now — has the definition changed, the lens through which we see it or the actors in the play. Teaching in the grey areas often brings up more wonderings — if women’s inequality was defined as natural “hopefully then,” what changed? Are we better than the women of history,? or did we just change the definition of normal?

Let’s see “D” music: Dr. John, the Dead, both Dylans (Bob & Jakob)

Take care,

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