I’m finishing a compilation of archival items right now, and it’s mostly a picture book — which means that I have to caption the pics in such a way that describes the story without intruding on it’s power…I have to restrain my instincts for puns, smart remarks and other fun little word games, not so easy 🙂

Color inspires me — long ago, I discovered synesthesia. For me, that means sounds, scents, sights get jumbled. I feel color through sound or smell. Over the years, it translates to how I translate history. Each era or person has it’s own color range. While it sounds completely new-age wacky, it really worked in college when I could sort facts by color.

Speaking of inspirations, today is my anniversary. I would be remiss if I didn’t take a minute to celebrate my partner. Chris has to be one of the most honorable people I’ve ever met. He thrives on risk, makes each person he’s with feel genuinely cared about, and goes from 0 to silly in no time flat. I read once years ago, that it’s easy to find someone to cry with — but finding someone to laugh with, that’s a challenge!

And he is truly curious about everything — which I love! Finding out something that is new, old or just plain fascinating is part of the appeal of life. And knowing that my love enjoys it too makes the journey so much more fun. So, happy anniversary and thanks, darling!

Music for C would have to include: Clapton, John Coltrane and Chopin — and don’t forget Johnny Cash.

A day without laughter is a day wasted –> Charlie Chaplin

Take care,

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