Equality of access is essential to changing the world. There will never be equality of outcome, nor should there be, for that denies personal input/responsibility and sheer randomness. Yet, everyone should have the ability to start the same race — in my own little utopia, shooting for the stars is denied to no one!

Part of my belief that anyone can do anything stems from a lifelong admiration for strong women. Eleanor of Aquitaine, who bestrode a continent as boldly as any man, Elizabeth, who defined an age, and Elizabeth Blackwell, America’s 1st woman doctor — they illuminated my childhood, beacons of possibility!

Then there was my darling Erasmus, a philosopher and a diplomat. Reading “In Praise of Folly” years ago, I became fascinated with a man who lived in one of Europe’s most fractious eras, who retained the admiration of everyone! Another such was Napoleon’s stepson, Eugene de Beauharnais. Beloved by the Emperor, he maintained his power after Waterloo, and married his daughter into the royal family of Sweden!

Music for “E”: All about the ladies — think Ella, Etta and Emmylou. There also has to be a little Elvis, Presley & Costello.

It is never too late to be what you might have been –> George Eliott

Take care,

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