A few swirly thoughts as the day ends……

#1: Best. Birthday. Ever. There are several reasons, including — the girls created really cool presents, the otters at the TN Aquarium did everything but jump in my bag and come home with me, I got the mortar & pestle that I’ve had on gift lists for the past 17 years, the Apple World is full of cool software/accessories (yes, indeed-y, yes), and it rained. I didn’t get to dance in it, but I did get some snuggle time, listening to it with Chris! Oh yeah, the most important thing — laughing with them through the course of the entire day just rocked….
Silly meter: 1 of 5 — although may be edging into “cutesy”

#2: I think I finally get “new age” music — sitting in a waiting area one day I realized that while most music takes me on a journey, new age just drifts… and there’s a place for that. Think about it — when you visit the ocean, there are times to watch the waves crash and then sometimes you just want to gaze into a tide pool.
Silly meter: 2 of 5 — pretty silly

#3: Did you hear about the lady who wanted Chicken McNuggets at a McDonald’s drive-thru? They didn’t have them so she put her fist through the glass! Because of McNuggets … really. War, poverty, injustice in the world and she loses her sh** over bad fried chicken????
Silly meter: 3 of 5 — pretty darn silly

#4: I have something of a blog addiction — I think there’s a lot of interesting thinkers out there. But every now and then my blog roll makes me giggle. Consider this, on my list Whitney Cummings’ blog is alphabetically next to “What Gives 365.” Whitney is one of the comediennes from “Chelsea Lately,” specializing in snark and sex; while Betty, who authors “WG365,” tells stories about the charities she’s donating to every single day for a year… so once in a while going from a story of “granny pannies” to a discussion of homeless orphans is just a little disconcerting.
Silly meter: 4 of 5 — random silly

#5: Remember when you were a kid, and your big brother told you if you swallowed a watermelon seed, a big ol’ honking melon would grow in your tummy. And of course, you didn’t believe him, really. This week there was a story about a 75-year old man in Brewster, MA with a pea plant in growing in one of his lungs. What??????? He was coughing and went to the doctor. The docs saw a dark spot on his Xray, assumed the worst, but when they operated they discovered a pea plant. Does that sound odd? strange?
Silly meter: 5 of 5 — just plain weird

tunes at random: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing (Jack Johnson — I like him, but whenever I listen, I think I should say “dude” a lot); Teddy Bears’ Picnic (Jerry Garcia & Dave Grisman — my kids loved this version); Beauty Mark (Charlotte Gainsbourg — sometimes I like her, sometimes she irritates me); Jeru (Miles Davis — love him, love this song); When the Saints Go Marching In (for kicks, try Sidney Bechet’s version); What Now My Love (there’s a version that’s a duet between Aretha & Frank Sinatra — kind of like fire meets ice, meltingly hot); Paper Aeroplane (Kasey Chambers — this Australian should be as famous as Keith & Nicole, her voice is wow!); Help Me (kd Lang — speaking of voices); Raised Up Family (James Taylor — he just makes me smile); Swan Lake, the Act III Pas de Deux (love the London Symphony’s version); Skylark (Cassandra Wilson has a smoking version); Down Low (Teddy Thompson — old country, new styled); Gypsy Biker (Bruce Springsteen — maybe not my favorite album, but it seems summer-y); Where is my Baby (Aaron Neville — family music, N.O. style); You are the Girl (the Cars — blast from the past); Erase (Mika — weirdly entertaining); Belle Star (Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris — love their voices together); La Javanaise (Madeleine Peyroux — there is nothing she can’t sing); Children of the Revolution (love the version from Moulin Rouge with Bono, Gavin Friday & Maurice Seezer); and A Night with Bach in Tunesia (Lisa Yves — her Jazz for Kids album, too great to stop listening to now)

If God had wanted us to be the same, he would have created us that way. — the Qaran

Take care,

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