A shout out to everyone working locally and globally to make the world better for my girls and all the others in the world!

  • From the amazing Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (president of Liberia), and the new prime minister of Iceland, Johanna Sigurdardottir, to growing political strength in the US — the voices of women are being heard.
  • My youngest and I are watching the incredible women athletes in the ACC play some of the best basketball I’ve ever seen. Our Blue Devils almost pulled it off (sob). The cool thing is she gets to see the tournament televised — it wasn’t that long ago when she wouldn’t have been able to see women playing the game she loves!
  • Greg Mortensen’s work building schools in the unstable border regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan is astonishing. In that polarized region, he has insisted that little girls be given the same opportunities to learn. Check it out at:
  • Unicef, they of the little orange boxes at Halloween, is finding ways to help girls & boys who are the victims of adult greed, violence and grabs for power all over the world. Find them at:
  • girlz rock: Sea Lion Woman (Feist); Just Because I’m a Woman (Dolly Parton); Girl with a POV (Don Dixon); She’s Always a Woman to Me (Billy Joel); Natural Woman (OK, Carole King is classic — but Aretha has a version where she sings with Bonnie Raitt & Gloria Estefan that just kicks!); Supergirl (Hilary Duff); Waitin’ on a Woman (Brad Paisley); She Can Play (Damien Horne — awesome song, it’s the theme of the Women’s ACC); Night Speaks to a Woman (Trey Anastasio); American Girl (Tom Petty); Satin Red & Black Velvet Woman (Dave Mason — hey I just love the song); She’s a Rebel (Green Day): Girls with Guitars (Wynonna — when the girls start a band, I’ll need to remember it’s my fault); Womankind (Annie Lennox); You Are the Woman (Firefall — it’s cheesy, but hey…. ); Listen (Beyonce); What a Girl Wants (Christina Aguilera); I’m A Woman (Koko Taylor- so raw, but sooo good!); Be Your Own Girl (the Wallflowers); Girls Like That (Christine Kane) and Woman (John Lennon).

    I long to speak out about the intense inspiration that comes to me from the lives of strong women –> Ruth Benedict

    Take care,

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