I make lists — things to do, things to do before I do the things to do, places to go, people to see, errands to run — all following me about like mental confetti flung to the wind as I check the the little done boxes…. Tonight, I thought I’d take a minute to list some things that just are…..

Things that made me smile in the past few days…… in no particular order

1] A well-crafted sentence — one that doesn’t belong in the Bulwer-Lytton “dark & stormy night contest”
2] Yoga class — when every muscle feels long and lean
3] Finding connections in the history I’m researching that tie into each other and make the narrative stronger — I get kid-candyshop excited every time it happens!!!
4] Rain — preferably the dance in/sing in kind
5] Tall grass in meadows where you want to run and frolic like some Disney-ish woodland creature OR you could attend to the lessons you were learning on the walk through those meadows — both options work
6] Friends to walk and talk with, who love to go and play and see where the adventure takes them
7] wearing high heels and finding the perfect color for my “inappropriately” large lips — what you may ask? Years ago my mom thought my lips were too large. But now it’s a fashion “do,” so life is grand 🙂
8] my family — I read somewhere it’s easy to find people to commiserate with you — much more rare to find someone to laugh. I got lucky!!
9] Waterfalls — close by — heck, just about any green, watery space where I can imagine I’m alone in the “forest primeval” works for me (OK — I’m having a Python “just b/c some watery tart gave you a sword” moment 🙂 )
10] Random music — snatches wafting on the wind, it’s like hearing someone else’s soundtrack…

Music that smiles — Summer Love (Grease), Goody Two Shoes (Adam Ant), Come Dancing (Kinks), Sugar Magnolia (Grateful Dead) and Mexico (James Taylor). Oh and don’t forget some Buffet for kicks…

The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes –> Frank Lloyd Wright

Take care,

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