Walker Percy, the novelist and boyhood friend of Shelby Foote, wrote that one of the reasons for the proliferation of Civil War study was our passion for the underdog — it’s such a good story.  I would go him one better and say that for good or ill, that’s part and parcel of the American world view. Everything is a contest between David and Goliath, from the “rag taggle farmers and blacksmiths that came together to beat the might of the British Empire,” to our current incarnation as the lonely, misunderstood Super-Power. It is a great motivational tool — just look at what the little guy, the individual can do — “Hoosiers” is one of the great movies, Horatio Alger, Abraham Lincoln, the man on the moon. But, too often it comes out like, “have no fear, underwear is here!” my girls favorite line from the new “Underdog” movie. I think we get so caught up in casting our drama in the best of all possible lights that we jerryrig the myth to fit. The current political circus serves as a new example — it’s always a contest between the inevitable frontrunner versus the scrappy contender. Once in a while, we get the sour-faced spoiler thrown in for drama. Even the Evangelical movement tries the underdog routine — remember the “war on Christmas?” Maybe we need to move beyond the narrative and try to construct a reality! Music to contemplate by: Urge Overkill (that’s all I can think of for U) “What is popular is not always right, and what is right is not always popular.” –> anonymous.  Take care, Aly 

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