That’s what my 8-year old screamed as she rushed upstairs with the note Santa left them — he even ate all the cookies. Chris, in mock outrage, wondered if he had eaten ALL the cookies (those in the kitchen as well). Thumping down the stairs, the girls screamed back up that Daddy’s stash was safe. Opening presents, watching the cat scour through the wrapping paper for hidden “mousie” presents, we loaded up the sleigh (or Chris’s car for the Scrooges amongst us) and hit the nearly empty highway for Auntie’s house in Nashville. The girls and the cousins vanished in a swirl of Webkinz and Nintendos <sigh> and we got to spend some time with the adults as MB and Papa cooked the glorious Christmas feast — which definitely would have made the Whos down in Whoville smile!After yet another wrapping paper and gift frenzy — thanks Auntie Bev for making the girls feel SO special, we are sporting the polar bear brooch with all of our attire, we had to come home. It has been incredible this year — earlier, over the weekend, we got to go home to NC and see my brothers. They continued their annual tradition of spoiling the girls (the only grandkids on my side) and we laughed, ate and played together.So — as another season winds down, I wish you joy, health, happiness and all the miracles that love and laughter bring! Christmas music to share: Asleep at the Wheel’s “Merry Texas Christmas to Y’all” album, the “Elf” soundtrack, Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas,” and anytime you get the chance to hear children sing in a Christmas pageant (especially mine, who were spectacularly wonderful as Gabriel and the Dove this year) Quote for the day: from Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” “God Bless Us Everyone!” Take care,Aly 

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